Sustainable Packaging Manufacturer Specializing in Supply Chain Solutions

SPF Groups is a sustainable packaging manufacturer based in Byron, Georgia. We provide sustainable transport packaging and supply chain solutions to serve dozens of industries worldwide. Whether it’s manufacturing rigid plastic or metal products, providing large tonnage machines for contract molding, or sourcing components, SPF Groups can handle it!



If you are new to our website or already familiar with SPF products and services, welcome! 

All of us at SPF want you to be treated like we expect to be treated. Business does not need to be complicated, and we understand that time is our most precious commodity.

As a current leader in sustainable, reusable transportation packaging, custom metal fabrication, and contract molding, SPF Groups launched in direct response to customer feedback. Our partners needed a source of returnable, reusable, and recyclable transportation packaging with the right blend of design, performance, and quality. We listened to customer input and developed a customer-driven business model that keeps overhead low, drives out waste, and rewards innovation.

Leaders say that the only constant in the world is change, and in today’s circular economy, the need for innovation is more important than ever to remain competitive. At SPF Groups, our philosophy is to create valuable partnerships through innovation and continuous improvement.

Give us a call or email us directly and tell us what challenges and success metrics are on your radar. Thank you for reaching out to SPF Groups, and remember: SPF Can Handle It!


Jordon Hale
SPF Groups

Our People

foster positive personal and professional relationships.

Our Process

enables a simple work/life balance for customers, associates, & team members.

Our Purpose

helps our partners protect the environment.


As a manufacturer of returnable, reusable, and recyclable plastic packaging, sustainability is an inherent part of our DNA. We create solutions that replace one-way packaging, lower carbon emissions, and reduce waste otherwise slated for the local landfill. The longer the lifecycle for SPF products in any closed-loop supply chain, the greater the financial and environmental impact for our customers and communities.

Developing Environmentally Friendly Packaging Solutions

Additionally, our innovation team carefully considers the design, material, and environment for any potential solution. We balance the product strength-to-weight ratio to provide value and function. We consider the use of recycled content to promote cradle-to-cradle opportunities whereby the product is repurposed at the end of its useful life. Perhaps, most importantly, we listen to our partners to create solutions that exceed their expectations.