Food & Beverage

SPF Groups provides the food and beverage industry with sustainable packaging solutions. We understand the food and beverage industry’s needs, and our products are designed to reduce waste, ensure food safety, improve operational efficiency, and lower distribution costs.

Improve Packout

Our team of engineers evaluate the geometry of your product and create sustainable solutions to maximize packing efficiency. SPF Groups helps you fit the most product in your containers to improve packout and make the most of your trucks, storerooms, and more. Plus, our products are returnable, reusable, and washable.

Fewer Touches

SPF Groups designs our products to be automation friendly, meaning it requires less labor to load your containers and ensure quality control. Our team pays attention to the product’s finest details to improve labor efficiency and reduce touching of your product. We can create a solution to eliminate labor time and reduce overall distribution costs.

Lower Distribution Costs

Our food and beverage supply chain solutions enable you to fit more products on trucks and save on fuel and freight costs. Because we can increase the cube out per trailer, customers will save on space and even take trucks off the road.