Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding should not be complicated. SPF Groups welcomes all contract or custom plastic molding inquiries for customers who need a reliable, experienced production partner. Our primary focus is to provide you and your customers with excellent quality and service. SPF’s large tonnage machines serve a wide variety of custom molding needs.  SPF offers contract molding with machines ranging from 300-1800 tons.

We are conveniently located in Byron, Georgia, near Interstate 75, with quick access to your major customers throughout the Southeast and beyond. We regularly ship internationally using container freight.

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Contract Molding Capabilities

Our large tonnage capacity in the heart of the Southeast United States serves customers of all types. In addition to our impressive list of capabilities, our simple, low overhead approach to manufacturing is the real benefit. SPF believes that success is dependent on just the right balance of people, process, and purpose to keep our contract molding customers coming back year after year.


Dedicated Customer Service

As an SPF partner, our customers set the expectations, and SPF takes care of the rest. Every SPF customer enjoys full transparency and dedicated customer service just when you need it the most. In many instances, SPF Contract Molding is more cost-effective than molding in-house.