Agriculture & Horticulture

SPF Groups provides supply chain and distribution solutions for the agriculture and horticulture industry. Our engineers design products to boost efficiency and improve your sustainability scorecard.


You need sustainability in all phases of your agriculture production. SPF is here to meet those needs. Compared to corrugated or wooden alternatives, our reusable plastic bins, trays, and totes cut costs and eliminate wasteful one-way packaging. We design our agriculture storage and distribution products to maximize packing efficiency, reduce the number of trucks on the road, and lower your carbon emissions.

Improve Product Quality

Our solutions are designed to protect your product. Because they are plastic, our containers can be washed to remove contaminants or mold or mildew. Our products are also impervious to temperature changes and allow produce to breathe.

Grow Your Business

Our goal is to improve your bottom line by protecting your product from field-to-table. Our solutions are proven to drive out waste during harvesting, packing, and shipping.